Cleaning Services

Homecare Cleaning Services

At Pulmy Homecare, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean, organized living space for both comfort and health. That’s why we extend our commitment to quality care by offering superior cleaning services.


Our team of professional cleaners is carefully selected and trained to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness. They are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and trustworthy cleaning services tailored to your specific needs. Whether it’s regular upkeep or deep cleaning tasks, our experts ensure your living space is spotless and inviting, thereby contributing to a healthier, more enjoyable home environment.

We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services, which include:

  1. Regular home cleaning – including dusting, vacuuming, and tidying up.
  2. Deep cleaning – focusing on areas often overlooked during regular cleaning.
  3. Laundry services – washing, drying, ironing, and organizing clothes.
  4. Kitchen cleaning – cleaning appliances, countertops, and sinks.
  5. Bathroom cleaning – sanitizing the toilet, shower, tub, and sink.


Each cleaning plan is customized to suit your needs, preferences, and schedule. We respect your home and privacy, ensuring minimal disruption while providing effective cleaning services.

At Pulmy Homecare, we strive to make your life easier, more comfortable, and healthier with our professional cleaning services. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in maintaining a clean and well-organized home.

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