Dementia Homecare

Dementia Homecare is crucial when an ageing parent or loved one is diagnosed with dementia. This news can be stressful for families, as ensuring the well-being of their loved one involves understanding the complexities of this medical condition. However, you are not alone in this journey. Seeking professional help to care for your loved one is an excellent initial step towards guaranteeing they receive the proper care they need.

Asking for help

Seeking assistance for Dementia Homecare is often a challenging step for many people. However, medical conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia necessitate expert care from professionals trained specifically to handle these diseases.

Dementia encompasses a group of symptoms that primarily impact memory, language, thinking, and the ability to carry out everyday tasks. It’s most commonly caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Regrettably, the manifestations of dementia vary significantly among individuals, as does the progression of the disease.

This variation underscores the importance of engaging professionals who are already well-versed in the nature of dementia. Attempting to navigate this complex disease on your own not only amplifies stress but also makes coping considerably more challenging. Explore resources such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Dementia Care Central for further understanding and support, or contact us at Pulmy Homecare for expert, compassionate care.

Dementia Homecare

Let us help

At Pulmy Home Care service, we offer reliable Dementia home care, taking the burden off your back. Our experienced caregivers are highly trained and skilled in person-centred Alzheimer’s and Dementia care at home in Ireland.

Our Dementia home care approach provides your loved one with the support they need and helps them stay safe at home at all times.

We strive to understand the specific needs of your loved one’s Dementia first before providing any Dementia home care. So, we’ll set up a consultation with you, whether in-person or on the phone, to discuss your loved one’s life story. We can also meet their family and friends to better understand their personality and interests.

Dementia Care​

All this goes a long way in allowing us to meet your loved one’s care needs and improve their quality of life. For example, a detail as small as their favourite song can help us calm them down when they’re having a bad day.

If you’re the primary caregiver and need a break from the exhausting role, we can provide short-term respite care. This allows you to get away from all your caregiving obligations for a while to unwind and reset.

With our expertise, you can rest assured that you’ll have the right team in place to look after your loved one with Dementia.

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