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Due to the rising costs of nursing home care, there has been an increase in demand for overnight and 24-hour care services. 24-hour care is divided into two shifts, one day shift of 12 hours and one sleepover shift of 12 hours. Clients often feel anxious or lonely, leading to sleep deprivation, creating negative consequences for the elderly. Having a carer available overnight provides comfort to clients.

Finding overnight care that you trust is not always easy, but we are here to help. Pulmy Home Care Service’s team members are trained to assess your needs, create tailored plans and introduce you to your carer team. Our customised care package creates a sense of security for families and loved ones and a safe environment for clients. We are here to ensure all clients receive the highest standard of care.

How it works at Pulmy Home Care

Our overnight care service is available for various periods. Whether you require a carer for 24 hours, a week or long term, we can cater to your needs. If family caregivers are looking to take small breaks from their hard work or if clients need additional support after a hospital stay or other crisis, 24-hour care is ideal. For many elderly clients, staying at home provides comfort, overnight care creates the same stability and safety as staying in an institutional residential care facility.

Carers on shift will require the following amenities:

Overnight Care

The day shift consists of a carer being at the client’s side between 9 am and 9 pm. Carers take their breaks at a time fitting to the client’s routine and usually take these breaks when family or loved ones are visiting. Retaining a homely atmosphere is imperative, so we actively encourage carers and clients to eat their meals together.

The night shift working hours are between 9 pm and 9 am, so the carer will prepare the client for bed and will help with supper if necessary. After the client is settled, the carer will sleep in their room but will be available on call overnight should the client require assistance with the use of the bathroom, for example. If constant observation overnight is needed, we can also accommodate this where the night carer works an active night shift.

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