Palliative Care

At Pulmy Home Care Service, our main aim when providing palliative care is to relieve the symptoms of the disease of a patient’s condition. A holistic approach towards palliative is taken to ensure that the patient’s needs are met and they are well cared for and supported during this time.

Patients can undertake palliative care at any stage in treatment, irrespective of whether their illness or condition can be cured. We offer palliative care services for patients who need additional support regardless of their prognosis.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care is often used interchangeably with the end of life care or hospice care, and while similar, they are two separate care packages. End of life care is palliative care when a person is nearing the end stage of their condition or illness and needs support during their last few weeks or months. However, hospice care is similar to palliative care is given when a patient has less than six months to live.

Palliative home care allows patients to receive care that improves their quality of life and reduces their suffering while remaining at home. When choosing Pulmy Home for your palliative care, we provide a respectful and dignified service to make the patient more comfortable in their own home. Often this can be the best option and make the situation more bearable for patients who are already going through a lot.

Palliative Care​

Palliative Home Care from Pulmy Home

What can you expect when choosing palliative home care from Pulmy Home? Alongside palliative care, we can also offer overnight care,
live-in care, dementia care, 24/7 care and respite care respectfully and professionally.

Patient Support

Our palliative home care team will endeavour to support the patient for all their needs during this time in a personalised tailor-made approach. We will discuss your needs and how we can assist you with different tasks such as bathing, toileting, appointments, medication prompts, errands, homemaking and more based on the care plan put in place for you.

Family Support

Our experienced palliative care team are also on hand to assist family members and loved ones navigating this time so they can offer the right level of care and support as the patient’s health dictates. This can be a significant burden on the family, and our caregivers can give you guidance and support at every step of the way.

To learn more about Pulmy Home palliative home care services, you can contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help you during this time.

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